A Law Firm That Works For You

Providing cost-effective legal services with a focused and knowledgeable approach.


Personal Legal Needs

AMR Law Group offers a wide array of services for your personal needs, including “The Four Hour Mediaiton” as a way to timely resolve disputes.  

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Business Legal Needs

Able to tackle the most challenging cases, AMR Law Group also offers solutions and improvements to minimize your company’s legal liability and maximize your company’s success.
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Cost should never be a bar to justice!  AMR Law Group provides many options for resolving cases quickly and with your best interests in mind.
– Anna Morrison-Ricordati

Past Client Testimonials

Anna won a case that was considered “hopeless” by all of the other attorneys that I contacted. She told me from the start that we could possibly be in court for years. There was no precedent for this case so the fight was long and hard. But we won. She is a little spit-fire who’s bite IS worse than her bark.