Anna won a case that was considered “hopeless” by all of the other attorneys that I contacted. She told me from the start that we could possibly be in court for years. There was no precedent for this case so the fight was long and hard. But we won. She is a little spit-fire who’s bite IS worse than her bark.

I’ve had Anna represent me for a few months now and she never disappoints me. She is extremely knowledgeable in animal law. She has been and continues to be proactive in handling my case. The situation I am in is nerve wrecking but knowing that Anna is helping me has given me peace.

I’ve dealt with many business attorneys that were slow and not reliable in the past. Anna puts them all to shame with her work ethic and responsiveness. I can tell that she really wants to see positive changes for animals and uses her knowledge of the law to do so. She is an amazing attorney and I would highly recommend her!

On Nov 8,2011 I won my animal case thanks to Anna, it took us almost one year to the day to win this case because the states attorney kept trying to deny me my rights, but Anna was always ten steps ahead of the states attorney. Anna is a real fighter, she made sure all my rights were preserved, and she kept digging until she uncovered the truth about the two very corrupt police officers, and animal control officer who falsely accused me of owner’s duties, and cruelty. Anna knows animal law inside, and out, better than any lawyer in Chicago, and I’ll even say the United States. It’s very important that for animal issues you HAVE to have an animal law specialist, because most regular lawyers know very little about the field of animal law. Even our judge admitted to Anna that he knew nothing about animal law and asked Anna to “educate him”, well Anna gave him a crash course in animal law “101”, and the judge was very impressed with Anna’s knowledge of animal law. I can’t go into detail about my case, but if anyone messes with your animals you need Anna Morrison-Ricordati. Anna also really cares about her clients, she’s honest, she’ll tell you if you have a case or not, she would never lead you on knowing you don’t have a good case. She’s trust-worthy, with Anna you will always know where you and your case stands, and she will always, always tell you the truth. Anna fought so hard for me that I really believe that she took my case as personal as I did. The states attorney tried every low-down trick in the book against me, but in the end he was no match for Anna, and now I have won my case, and have my good name back, thanks to Anna.